Strategic Plan

The strategic plan of 2013-2015 of LEPL Legislative Herald of Georgia has been developed through financial support from the Good Governance in Georgia programme (United States Agency for International Development).

Mr. Ivane Tavadze, an invited expert, (Policy and Management Consulting Group) facilitated the development of the strategic development plan.

Vision: Taking into account the highly dynamic law-making process in Georgia, it is of particular importance that all participants in the process display high professionalism and integrity.

In addition, public service should be focused on the public interest and for this purpose public institutions should develop a culture of public relations that, on the one hand, will provide maximum involvement of citizens and on the other hand will ensure transparency.

Mission: The Legislative Herald of Georgia is a legal entity under public law (LEPL) under the governance of the Ministry for Justice of Georgia. Its activities consist of two main directions:

  • Performing the final stage in the law-making process (registration, publication, codification), and compiling and renewing the complete database of Georgian normative acts. In order to successfully implement this direction, the efforts of the Legislative Herald are directed, on the one hand, to improving the records management of normative acts and on the other hand to improving internal organizational effectiveness.
  • Providing Georgian society with maximum access to a Georgian normative law database in both electronic and printed form