The Administration (Unit)

Salome Barbakadze Head of the Unit [email protected]


Levan Kharaishvili Chief Lawyer [email protected]


Ketevan Barjadze advisor [email protected]


Ketevan Phalavandishvili advisor [email protected]


Mikheil Davidovi advisor [email protected]


Davit Sarishvili Press and Public Relations Manager [email protected]


Ani Kebuladze advisor [email protected]



The Administration (Unit) shall:

a) according to established procedures, prepare draft orders on appointing, transferring to another position, or dismissing staff members of the Matsne, as well as on implementing incentives and disciplinary measures, and on approving leave of absence and business trips;

b) prepare and keep records of the personal files of Matsne staff members;

c) according to established procedures, organise issues related to competitions for vacancies and internships in the Matsne;

d) develop the internal regulations of the Matsne and monitor their observance, and supervise compliance with the terms and conditions of labour by staff members of the Matsne;

e) register the orders of the Chairperson;

f) receive and electronically register individual legal acts, court decisions and other documents submitted for publication;

g) process and register official incoming and outgoing correspondence and, in a timely manner, deliver them to the management of the Matsne;

h) keep records of the execution of documents by the structural subdivisions of the Matsne within the prescribed time limits, and keep the Chairperson informed of the results;

i) improve the quality of services rendered by the Matsne;

j) examine and appropriately process letters and proposals left by users on the Matsne’s website;

k) store and protect documents held in the archives of the Matsne and ensure the effective operation of the archives;

k1) develop, introduce, update, implement the marketing strategy of the Matsne and control over the implementation thereof by other units of the Matsne;

l) perform the functions provided for in paragraphs 3, 5 and 6 of this article.

2. The Administration (Unit) shall consist, along with other staff members, of the Chief Lawyer, the Information Technologies Advisor, and the Press and Public Relations Manager.

3. The Chief Lawyer shall:

a) provide legal support to the Matsne;

b) review administrative complaints concerning issues falling within the authority of the Matsne and represent the Matsne in court;

c) analyse litigation cases related to issues falling within the authority of the Matsne, prepare relevant recommendations, keep records and create a single database;

d) prepare and endorse relevant draft normative acts;

e) prepare contracts to be concluded on behalf of the Matsne (except for public procurement contracts) and organise the process of their signature;

f) ensure the availability of public information;

g) prepare other documents relating to the activities of the Matsne.

4. (Deleted – 28.11.2016, No 203).

5. The Press and Public Relations Manager shall:

a) arrange periodic coverage of the innovations introduced by the Matsne;

b) organise press conferences, briefings and meetings;

c) maintain relations with the public and mass media.

6. The Information Technologies Advisor shall:

a) introduce state-of-the-art information and communication technologies, and thereby facilitate and promote the smooth functioning of the Matsne;

b) ensure the administration and smooth functioning of the Matsne’s website, the automated management tools and related systems, and coordinate and supervise the activities of the structural subdivisions of the Matsne in the field of information and communications;

c) assist the staff members of the Matsne in learning state-of-the-art computer technologies by organising appropriate training sessions, and by obtaining and preparing guides and reference materials;

d) identify, examine and introduce state-of-the-art and innovative systems required for services rendered by the Matsne.

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