Translation Centre

Veronika Shnaideri Head of the Centre [email protected]


Nikoloz Nebieridze advisor [email protected]


Ketevan Bitsadze advisor [email protected]


Nino Ali advisor [email protected]


Marine Gabunia advisor [email protected]


Lia Rikadze advisor [email protected]


Manana Losaberidze advisor [email protected]


Tamar Gogokhia Head [email protected]


Tamar Nadirashvili Head [email protected]



The Translation Centre shall: 
a) translate normative acts and other necessary documents into English and, where so required, into other languages; 
b) translate EU legislative acts and other necessary documents into Georgian; 
c) compile explanatory glossaries of terms, as well as create, update, and improve the terminology database; 
d) perform translation activities under contracts entered into with natural and legal persons, unless this interferes with the main activities of the Translation Centre.

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