Financial Unit

Ia Naneishvili Advisor [email protected]


Elza Burkiashvili Advisor [email protected]


The Financial Unit shall: 
a) prepare the draft budget of the Matsne and organise the accounting records; 
b) be responsible for payroll management and its distribution to staff members of the Matsne; 
c) keep records of settlements with organisations and individuals; 
d) take the inventory of non-financial assets, and in a timely manner determine and keep accounting records of the results of the inventories; 
e) monitor cash transactions; 
f) organise public procurement procedures within the limits of the appropriations approved under the annual budget law by observing the rules laid down in the Law of Georgia on Public Procurements and in relevant normative acts, and draft and sign contracts in accordance with legislation; 
g) in accordance with legislation, prepare a budget performance report (a balance sheet) for the budgetary and extra-budgetary funds of the Matsne and submit it to the relevant agencies; 
h) protect the non-financial assets carried on the balance sheet; 
i) keep sales records of printed official texts of normative acts and of individual legal acts envisaged by legislation or by contract, and of legal literature; 
j) properly maintain stock records; 
k) prepare requisitions for the supply of office and household goods; 
l) arrange utilities and other services necessary for the operation of the Matsne.

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